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Haylee Beth

Москва Якиманка
Страна: Россия - Москва - Якиманка
Кратко о себе I taught Intermediate English level students, from all around the world, focusing on the four key skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing. Familiarized myself with various coursework books such as Headway and Total English. Inspired, challenged and aided students with improving their pronunciation, confidence and overall fluency with the English language. Online English teaching, with a focus on group classes and a mix of European and Asian clientele. English Town provided the frame-work for the curriculum, from there I developed and jazzed it up forming my own lesson material. Classes were taught in a dynamic, fun and focused manner, encouraging students to participate and talk as much as possible. This job provided a window into online English teaching.
Образование Cape Town Training Institute TESOL certification TESOL Certification, Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language/ESL Language Instructor, A
Стоимость занятий Занятия по Skype: 1100 руб/60 мин
Стаж с 2008 года
Возраст: 32
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