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Miss Muse

Москва Арбат
Страна: Россия - Москва - Арбат
Кратко о себе If you want to activate your language skills, to make your English sound better, to enrich it with new words and useful structures, to get intensive speaking practice and to do it in a non-boring way – Miss Muse is ready to take you to the Enchanted Gardens of Good English during the Shake-It-Up sessions ( Skype and real-time). Shake-It Up sessions will help you to : 1. Break language barriers, 2. Activate all your “sleeping reserves” of passive knowledge, 3. Get your speaking muscles working like never before. (Warning! You may have troubles with switching back to Russian ), 4. Take your vocabulary to a new level . Every session is two hours of challenge, boiling brains, dynamic activities, freshest&hottest idioms, positive programming, art-projects,intellectual games and “communication tornado”. Plus a healthy dose of humor. If your tongue mechanisms are asking for intensive language practice , you are welcome!
Образование Master's Degree in Linguistics, diploma with honors in the field of training development plus University of Life, Good Books And Never-Ending Self-Education. More info at my site www.soomaji.com
Стоимость занятий Занятия по Skype: 900 руб/60 мин
Занятия у себя: 1250 руб/60 мин
Стаж с 2005 года
Возраст: 30
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